Welcome to the 2019 DriveML Huawei Autonomous Vehicles Challenge

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The Challenge

Autonomous Driving (AD) is the next frontier of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Intending to further research in AD, we invite you to participate in a competition organised by a World-leading team in autonomous decision making.

Accelerate your future

Your goal is to design an autonomous agent that is capable of driving safely and efficiently across a variety of simulated maps containing numerous tasks, such as merging, intersections, high-ways, and many others. We offer such scenarios through a simulator that emulates real-world traffic at a variety of granularity levels.

Winners will be announced in a ceremony, where cash prize will be provided with the opportunity to travel to Huawei headquarters in China. You will also get the chance to teach us all about your innovations in a spot-light talk during the event.

Let’s get these cars moving!

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Accelerate your future

Competition Timeline

Huawei UK Challenge is a programming competition organised by Huawei Technologies Research and Development (UK) Ltd. You pick your team to work together, and we pick a Challenge in the field of Artificial Intelligence for you to solve.

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Cash prizes and a one-week trip to Huawei China are for our winners!


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The Terms & Conditions for Huawei UK Challenge gather all rules that apply to the organisers and participants of the competition. You can find a summary of the most important ones below:

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Previous Events

Huawei UK Challenge runs every year from 2017 with challenge topics vary from different fields of Artificial Intelligence.

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About our Research

Huawei is a major investor in the UK, dedicated to helping the UK to remain a leader in the global ICT sector.

About Huawei

Huawei is nurturing UK talent to generate the next generation of technological breakthroughs. The company has also established R&D partnerships with over ten British universities, working together to develop cutting-edge technologies. With 15 offices around the country, Huawei employs more than 1,400 people who are helping to build a more prosperous, more productive and more connected future for the UK.

We are proud to have achieved our £1.3 billion five-year investment and procurement target for the UK announced in 2012, thereby becoming one of Britain’s largest sources of investment from China.

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